Zelensky against Berlusconi: “Nobody has ever bombed his house” – Video

The President of Ukraine: “He never had to pack his suitcase at 3 am to escape…”

“Berlusconi? Nobody ever bombed his house, nobody showed up with tanks in his garden…”. The president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, in the press conference with the premier Giorgia Meloni thus answers a question on the recent statements by Silvio Berlusconi. “As premier I would never have spoken to Zelensky”, the words of the leader of Forza Italia, who in the following days reaffirmed his support for Ukraine and his commitment to peace.

“The various leaders have the right to think, the real problem is the approach of Italian society which has given those leaders a mandate. I believe that Berlusconi’s house has never been bombed by missiles, never have tanks arrived in the garden of his house, no one killed his relatives, he never had to pack his suitcase at 3 in the morning to escape or his wife had to look for food and all this for the sake of his Russian brothers”, says Zelensky as evidenced by the translation offered by Rainews 24 during the conference.

“I wish peace to all Italian families, even to those who don’t support Ukraine, but ours is a great tragedy that must be understood. I want them to come here and see with their own eyes, see the trail of blood they left” , he adds.