Zelensky to the UN: “To lift Russia’s veto and try it for crimes in Ukraine”

A “just punishment” against Russian crimes in Ukraine. This was asked by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in his speech in video link with the UN general assembly in New York. “Only one wants war and is happy that it continues, added the Ukrainian leader in a direct attack on Putin on the day the Russian president announced the partial mobilization, recalling 300,000 reservists.

The “Russian crimes”

“Ask the Russians why some Ukrainian victims were castrated.” This is the provocative question that Zelensky asked the leaders of the world gathered in the UN Headquarters in New York. “We want punishment for the crime committed against the lives of our people, against women and children, against the theft of our land and for the catastrophe that Russia has caused”, thundered the Ukrainian president.

“Special Court”

“It was not us who caused this war, there were 88 talks to try to avoid it but Russia instead of stopping the crime of aggression has turned it into a full-scale invasion.” These are the words spoken in front of the great of the world by Zelensky, who demanded not only the cancellation of the veto right in Moscow but also the creation of a special court to shed light on the crimes committed by the Russians in his country and sentenced them to pay compensation.