Zelensky: “Ukraine ready to increase electricity exports to the EU and Italy”

The Ukrainian president on video link to the Ambrosetti forum: “Nuclear blackmail from Russia, international response before the disaster”

Ukraine is ready to increase electricity exports to Europe, but for this it is important that the Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant remains connected to the Ukrainian grid. The Russian presence in the plant prevents us from helping to resolve the energy situation in Europe. Our energy exports could reduce Moscow’s pressure on Europe and Italy. Despite all the difficulties, we can contribute to meeting at least 8% of Italy’s electricity consumption. “This was stated by the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, in a video link at the opening of the The European House – Ambrosetti forum in progress in Cernobbio, on Lake Como.

In addition, he added, Ukraine “can become a green hub for Europe and replace Russia’s dirty energy. We have great potential to develop renewable energy and green hydrogen”.

Pressure on Russia must be increased to defuse nuclear blackmail”Of the occupation of the Zaporizhzhia power plant. “We cannot wait for the disaster to make decisions,” Zelensky stressed. The Zaporizhzhia power plant, “the largest in Europe, was occupied and repeatedly bombed by Russian tanks. We are one step away from catastrophe. Ukrainian nuclear engineers have prevented a disaster ”, but now“ an international response is needed, ”she added.

“We will do everything to enter the European Union, we have started negotiations and we will be together with you in a united Europe. Thanks to Italy, and I am personally grateful to president Mario Draghifor having supported our nation for entry and for the commitment against the Russian invasion “said the Ukrainian president, who then thanked Italy” for the support to our country and for welcoming so many refugees , we will never forget it “.

“We confirm – said Zelensky – our commitment to avoid a food crisis in the world, which can avoid a new migration crisis from Asia and Africa to Europe and in particular from the Mediterranean coast to Italy”. “We will do everything to ensure that this does not happen, Ukrainian food has already been successfully shipped to twenty countries, including Ethiopia and Yemen, where the situation is particularly dire. Our commitment to guarantee food security remains strong. We are ready to help. stop the new price chaos in Europe, “he concluded.