Zelensky: “Ukraine reconstruction is the most important EU economic project”

Among the objectives indicated, in addition to that of the return to the country of all Ukrainians who have fled abroad, that of the liberation of all prisoners of war

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky spoke in parliament in Kiev speaking of the reconstruction of the country after the war as the most important economic project in Europe and urging parliamentarians to develop laws that attract entrepreneurs and investments.

Among the objectives indicated by Zelensky, in addition to the return to the country of all Ukrainians who fled abroad, also that of the liberation of all Ukrainians captured as prisoners of war: from the beginning of the war in February – he said – 1,456 of them they returned home.

Earlier, publishing a post on Telegram, Zelensky recalled that “70 thousand people lived in Bakhmut last year.” “Now only a few civilians remain. There are no places that are not covered in blood. There are no hours in which the terrible rumble of artillery does not resound. Yet Bakhmut resists”.