Zelensky: “Victory for Ukraine and Kiev in NATO, there are no alternatives”

The president’s speech at the Munich conference

”Ukraine will soon join NATO to be able to stem Russia”. This was stated by Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky via video link to the Munich Security Conference, adding that ”there is no alternative for Ukraine other than victory. There is no alternative but Ukraine in NATO”.

”Determination is never abstract. David defeated Goliath not with the power of conversation, but with his actions, his courage and his slingshot. We have courage, the slingshot will make us stronger ”, he added. And addressing those present he said ” you are the Davids of the free world. glory to all who are at the front”.

”It is time for Ukraine to be an integral part of the European Union”, he continued. ”Most Europeans support our membership, we have already obtained the status of candidate country. We are preparing to start with the negotiations and we are already aligned with the European economy, logistics and energy”.

It is important to speed up the shipment of arms to Ukraine by Western countries “because people’s lives depend on this speed”, he highlighted, underlining that while Ukraine’s allies are discussing the sending of tanks, the Kremlin think of ways to “strangle” Moldova.

The more the EU “drags” enlargement negotiations, the more destructive and aggressive Russia’s policies become, the Ukrainian president said, recalling that the majority of EU countries support the entry of Kiev which is already “united with the economy , Logistics and European Energy”.