Zelensky’s visit to Italy, full support for Ukraine

The meetings of the Ukrainian president with the Head of State Sergio Mattarella, with the premier Giorgia Meloni and with the Pope

The Quirinal, Palazzo Chigi, the Vatican. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky was in Italy on Saturday for a visit which served to reaffirm on the one hand Italy’s full support for Kiev and, on the other, the firm will to arrive at a just peace, with the liberation of Ukraine.

Giorgia Meloni guaranteed the necessary support from Italy to carry on the western alliance.

“The pace we have given to relations between Italy and Ukraine testifies to the commitment, the importance we attach to a relationship that is important, yes, for our nations, but important for the international community as a whole, for history for all peoples who love freedom. Italy has demonstrated with deeds its full support for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine which, we will never stop repeating it enough, is the victim of a brutal and unjust aggression by the Russian Federation, as Italy intends to continue to do. We reaffirmed to President Zelensky our 360-degree support for Ukraine, for as long as necessary, and beyond. Our nation will continue to provide assistance both bilaterally and multilaterally, we will continue to ensure our staunch adherence to the rigorous implementation of sanctions, just as we ensure our support for peace, provided it is a just peace.We are not hypocritical enough to call peace anything that resembles a ‘invasion. No unjust peace can ever be imposed on Ukraine and any peace agreement must be shared by this people, and Italy will continue to contribute to every effort that can lead in this direction. We will continue, in agreement with our main allies, to provide the necessary support, including military support, so that Ukraine can arrive, we hope as soon as possible, at the negotiating table in a solid position”.

And the Ukrainian president has once again ruled out any solution other than a return to the situation prior to the Russian invasion.

“In seven hours in Ukraine, from midnight to seven in the morning, our defenders shot down 17 Iranian Shahed drones that they use to destroy our infrastructure. Other kamikaze drones prevailed, which also led to deaths, to wounds, to destruction. This is the Russian Federation’s idea of ​​war, they are wounds, they are destruction. And in just seven hours all this happened. But it’s not just these seven hours, we always live like this. But I didn’t come to complain but to thank for everything you do for us, for the assistance, for the help. We have chosen peace. The war is now on our territory, for this I want to thank the Prime Minister for the assistance that you offer us to save people’s lives, for what we do

together to defend Ukrainian families, our children, children, the homes of our civilians and the lives of our military. Perhaps someone has not seen what it is, has not understood what Russian aggression is. Maybe they think that it doesn’t matter how it ends, who wins, but we talk about the question when Russian bombs will finally stop destroying Ukrainian communities, when every person will be sure that his home will not be destroyed by a missile or a bomb.”

Zelensky after the Italian stage continued his tour in Europe, Germany, France and Great Britain.

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