Zerocalcare, 5 reasons why you absolutely must watch “Tear along the edges”

Have you heard of “Tearing along the edges”? If you haven’t seen the Zerocalcare series yet, we give you 5 reasons to run and see it

It is the most talked about TV series of the moment. Actually almost everyone is talking about it. Many have already seen it, others have not yet. For all those who haven’t seen it yet, we give you five reasons to absolutely rush to see it.

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5 reasons to see absolutely “Tear along the edges” (Source: Screen video Instagram)

5 reasons to see absolutely “Tear along the edges”

Tear off along the edges is an animated series written and directed by Zerocalcare, well-known cartoonist. The series is produced by Movimenti Production in collaboration with Bao Publishing and is made for the streaming platform Netflix. It is the first animated series of the cartoonist Zerocalcare (pseudonym of Michele Rech), created after a long period of experimentation with animation.

The first two episodes premiered at the Rome Film Fest on October 18, 2021, while the series was released on Netflix on November 17, 2021. It consists of 6 episodes about 20 minutes. It was positively received by critics and audiences. It reached number two in Netflix’s weekly top 10 one day after its release, right behind the movie “Red Notice,” and then took to the top of the charts the following day.

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There plot revolves around a journey made by Zerocalcare and his two longtime friends, Sarah and Secco. Over the course of the episodes, stories and flashbacks from the life of the protagonist follow one another. The story proceeds from the years of middle school to those of high school, up to return to the present, telling his existence through sarcasm and irony, elements that characterize his character.

During the trip, Zerocalcare tries in every way to distract himself from what his conscience wants to remind him, which is the reason why the three friends are heading by train to the city of Biella. Consciousness is personified by an armadillo with anthropomorphic features that has always accompanied it.
If you haven’t seen the Zerocalcare series yet, we provide you 5 reasons to absolutely run to see it.

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Who is Zerocalcare
  1. “Tear along the edges” is a series that makes you laugh, of taste, but at the same time it also makes us reflect. If it were a comedy it would certainly be in the style of Luigi Pirandello, but it is a series and above all it is …
  2. It is the first animated series from Netflix, produced entirely in Italy. Finally, we don’t have to take refuge in the United States, Spain or even South Korea to enjoy a television series. “Tear along the edges” it is an Italian product.
  3. It has a noble theme like that offriendship. Who says love is the strongest feeling you can have? Nothing binds more than friendship and this series is proof of that.
  4. Down with politically correct forever! Are you too tired of this rampant hypocrisy? Well, the Zerocalcare series is ‘politically incorrect’. Poetry for my (and I hope also for your) ears.
  5. It is autobiographical. The author lays bare, telling his whole life and everything that distinguishes him without filters.