Zerocalcare, after the dialect controversy over the PKK flag

‘Tear along the edges’ flies and Netflix entrusts the cartoonist with the Twitter profile

After the criticism for the Roman dialect, for some users, especially northern ones, incomprehensible without subtitles, the controversies about Zerocalcare and its first animated series made for Netflix, ‘Tear along the edges’, cross national borders. In Turkey, in fact, some pro-government press organs are shouting scandal over the presence of the PKK flag hanging on the door of the protagonist of the series, Zero, and considered by Turkey to be the banner of a terrorist organization.

But the controversies are actually the mirror of an unprecedented success for an Italian animated product, with the hashtag #strapparelungoibordi for days at the head of social trends and the series that has turned out to be the most viewed Netflix product in Italy in several moments. So much so that Netflix Italy wanted to ride the popularity of the cartoonist by entrusting Zerocalcare with the management of the Italian profile of the platform. “Hello – Zerocalcare informed Michele Rech this morning – this is Zerocalcare. Since we are talking a lot of #StrappareLungoIBordi (oh, thanks!) It was not necessary to crack the cyanide pill that I keep in the hollow molar. Netflix told me ‘I’ll let you use our social networks for 12 hours and do what you want with it’ “, wrote the cartoonist.

“Given that obviously No, I can’t do everything I want (don’t ask me and congratulate my aunt or promote private vendettas, they don’t do it to me) – he added – I thought that maybe it might make sense to report a a few things that I liked and that maybe someone hasn’t seen “. Then the footnote, in parentheses: “(If you can’t hold me anymore, think that these are the last strokes of the tail of this gigantic mosasaur which is the promotion of this series, then it passes)”.