Zerocalcare ‘blasts’ the press: “This is how they misrepresent”

“Almost everything there is to know about information.” This is the title of the post, naturally accompanied by an explanatory cartoon, that the cartoonist and director Zerocalcare last night dedicated to the misrepresentation of some of his opinions on the outcome of the political elections by the press and which has already obtained over 21,000 likes and almost 4,000 retweets only on Twitter.

Next to the post, a photo that puts together the original cartoon, with the quotes from this cartoon that attribute to it ‘Republic’ and ‘The Century of Italy’. “What I say (banality of common sense, come on)”, recalls the cartoonist above the cartoon where his comic alter ego says: “No, I don’t think fascism is returning. The economic references always remain the neoliberal ones and the positioning he remains atlantist. I think that there may be differences on the level of society, of rights, in an authoritarian and traditionalist sense “. Then the ‘offending sentence’ and circled in red: “Which is dramatic eh, I’m not saying no, but here I don’t think that elections won’t be held for twenty years”.

Then the ‘version’ of the press. “As Repubblica transcribes it”, Zerocalcare underlines next to the photo of a sentence attributed to him by the newspaper: “Yes, it is dramatic. But, in short, I hope that in Italy there will be elections again, at least within the next twenty years”. Below “As the Century reports it”, with the photo of the title dedicated to him by ‘The Century of Italy’: “The ridiculous thesis of the ‘democratic’ Zerocalcare:” Return to the vote, Italy in the drama with the right “.” To you I study “, is the cartoonist’s concluding comment.