Zerocalcare, here is the new series for Netflix in 2023

It’s called ‘This World Won’t Make Me Bad’

The new series that Zerocalcare is making for Netflix will not be the sequel to ‘Ripping along the edges’ but a new project entitled ‘This world won’t make me bad’. This was revealed on his social profiles by the designer himself who, to the sound of cartoons, stages a surreal dialogue with the ‘Scarlet Lord’ (Netflix) in which he is allowed to reveal only “7 points” of the new project. Thus Zerocalcare, born Michele Rech, clarifies that it is “another project” compared to ‘Strappare along the edges’: “another story. As in the books. There are some characters who return, but it is not the sequel'”. Other information that the cartoonist gives concerns the dubbing: “Mastandrea is still the Armadillo”. Then, Zerocalcare makes fun of the ‘review’ of the mother who allegedly said to him: “But my son, it’s a shit… Compared to last year you did Kubrick. Now you even have less hair”.

Then, after the announcement of the title (‘This world won’t make me bad’), the artist clarifies: “even if they say ‘the Zerocalcare series’, in reality there are about 200 people working on it”. Finally, ‘threatened’ by the Scarlet Lord does not reveal the release date. However, the official Netflix release says it will be available on the service in 2023.

Produced by Movimenti Production, a company of the Banijay group, in collaboration with BAO Publishing, written and directed by Zerocalcare, ‘This world won’t make me bad’ will consist of 6 episodes, about half an hour each, which will go even deeper into the themes dear to the author.

The title of the show represents a sort of mantra, a phrase that Zerocalcare himself repeats, almost to convince himself, in those moments in life when one feels surrounded, with no way out, when it would be easier to make wrong choices , deny ideals and principles in order to get out of trouble. A phrase that everyone, with their own experiences, lives and stories, could find useful to repeat themselves.

In ‘This world won’t make me bad’ the narrative world, the unique language and the historical and unmistakable characters of the Zerocalcare universe will return. Zero, Sarah, Secco, the Armadillo, the inevitable conscience of Zero, voiced once again by the unmistakable voice of Valerio Mastandrea, will be the protagonists of a narration made up of digressions, anecdotes, emotions and twists and turns.