Zerocalcare on Netflix, ” Tearing along the edges’ flies on social networks

The cartoonist series flies among the trends

Zerocalcare lands on Netflix and hits social networks. The cartoonist’s animated series, ‘Tear along the edges’, has been available on the platform for a few hours and – judging by the verdicts on Twitter – is being promoted with flying colors. “This fucking series has come out. Tearing along the edges, I know they are doing a headache like that but the good thing is that the episodes last about 20 minutes so in an hour and a half you got off the fuck”, is the opening words of the cartoonist’s message.

Which then adds only two notes “:” 1) It is a collective work, there were 200 people with it, unfortunately they are all names that end up in a funnel from which only “the series of zerocalcare” often comes out. I swear that I do my best to acknowledge the work that everyone has done and I always repeat it. Thanks to everybody and everybody, I hope that the final result and the reactions will not make you ashamed of having worked on it and that, on the contrary, you have completed other jobs “.

“2) Among the different things that this experience brought me compared to comics – continued the cartoonist, born Michele Rech – is the fact that I was able to use music. they stay there is because in some way I am or have been obsessed with it, having Giancane’s piece as the theme song, Libero by Klaxon-back up- in the first episode, and A beat still from Gli Ultimi in the sixth, was much more important than it seems, like when you leave for a very distant journey like in Syria but you bring headphones with the music you have been listening to all your life to feel at home and remember where you come from “, he concludes.