Zerocalcare recommends 8 series to recover

A fun experiment on the wave of enthusiasm for “Strappare along the edges”, the TV series conceived and directed by Zerocalcare, led the famous designer Michele Rech to occupy a really unusual role. Invited by Netflix to act as social media manager for the social accounts of the Italian division of the platform, the artist was able to express himself on various topics and start a dialogue with the many followers of the account. Zerocalcare, who thanked the public for the resounding affection reserved for his TV series, to date one of the most viewed products in streaming this season, discussed with the fans – a little in words, a little through the drawings – of the his favorite TV series, becoming promoters for some titles that fans will certainly know.

12 hours as a social media manager

Netflix Italy has granted carte blanche to Zerocalcare who for twelve long hours was the author of the tweets of the account of the Italian section of the streaming giant. The designer, now also a television director, spoke with an audience of over one million and three hundred thousand followers in addition to the followers of the official Instagram profile on which his thoughts but, above all, his drawings were shared. In an atmosphere of great relaxation, joking about the absolute freedom granted by the owner of the account, Zerocalcare spent itself in a long list of TV series to watch, eight more or less recent products available on the hosting platform, also visible via Sky Q and on Now through the Smart Stick app. At the same time, Zerocalcare started discussion with users inviting them to publicly suggest some new titles to watch, perhaps with the audio in Italian since he – he confessed – often watches the shows while he is at work, without taking his eyes off the sheet, following the stories only through audio.

The eight TV series recommended by Zerocalcare

The written and illustrated list of Zerocalcare includes television series of various kinds, not always part of the list of the most viewed titles. Before moving on to the names, the artist specifies that the list is missing titles such as “Breaking Bad” and “Narcos”, “universally regarded as atomic bombs”.

The first, very funny, according to Michele Rach, is “Derry Girls”, British series in two seasons. Following the artist mentions “When They See Us”, A four-part miniseries that touches on the theme of racism. Then, there is “Black Summer”, Two seasons with a post-apocalyptic theme starring zombies. In fourth position there is “Godless ”which zerocalcare praises for the presence of stunning female protagonists. In fifth place in his personal ranking, the designer puts “It’s Bruno!”, Comedy series of 2019 created by Solvan” Slick “Naim. The sixth position is occupied by “Unbelievable”, Drama series created by Susannah Grant, inspired by a true story. The last two places are reserved for two shows that have been very popular with the general public: “After Life“By Ricky Gervais and”BoJack Horseman ”which, says the cartoonist, must be seen to the end although it has over seventy episodes.