Zerocalcare, Turkish media against the use of the Kurdish flag in the series

Generally much appreciated, the new Netflix TV series by Zerocalcare is also causing discussion. In Italy and, apparently, also outside. In fact, the Kurdish flag that stands in Zero’s room provoked the protests of the Turkish newspaper Sabah, who wrote: “Scandal after scandal from Netflix. In the cartoon series Tear Along the Edges, which began broadcasting on the platform on November 18. , we saw the flag of the terrorist organization PKK hanging on the door and on the wall “.

The criticism

The newspaper continues, going into detail: “In the opening scene of the released trailer, the flag of the YPG hangs behind the door when the protagonist turns on the light. In another scene from the first season of the series, which consists of 6 episodes of 15 minutes, we see that the PKK rags are hanging on the wall of the entertainment room “. A strong criticism, which sinks into the Turkish history of the last decades.


The reasons for the Turkish hostility to the Kurdish symbol can be explained by the forty-year conflict between the country ruled by Erdogan and the Kurdish insurgents. These in fact require the independence of Kurdistan since 1978. The link of Zerocalcare to the Kurdish cause is also connected to one of his recent works, the comic Kobane Calling, in which he told in comic form his experience of 2015 on the border between the Turkey and Syria, a few kilometers from the besieged city of Kobanê.