‘Zerosettanta’, great party and emotion at the Circus Maximus

Renato Zero opened the series of 6 concerts with which he celebrates 70 years (2 years late) and 55 years of career. Guests of the opening evening Jovanotti, Neri per Caso, Morgan, Fabrizio Moro and Giorgio Panariello

Renato Zero is back. After two years of waiting for Covid, Renato has finally kicked off ‘Zerosettanta’, the series of 6 concerts at the Circus Maximus with which he celebrates his 70th birthday, two years late (on 30 September he will turn 72) . The concert opened with the unprecedented ‘That beautiful nothing’ dedicated to his very affectionate ‘sorcini’ audience: “How many lives you let me live. You have always been there, my beautiful people. Take care of yourself. And of me. .. “, Renato sang before starting the real concert with ‘Vivo’, as per tradition. In each of the six dates he will propose a different lineup: a mix of “pivotal songs”, the best-loved and best-known ones from ‘Spiagge’ to ‘Cercami’ to ‘La Favola Mia’, and lesser-known gems of a 55-year career. Alongside him in each of the evenings colleagues and friends are always different.

For his first time at the Circus Maximus, Renato wanted Jovanotti with him, with whom he sang a medley between ‘We are heroes’ and ‘Artisti’, the Neri per Caso who sang ‘Inventi’ a cappella, Morgan with whom he sang a poignant version of ‘Friend’. And again Fabrizio Moro (who moved as a gift to the maestro the tuba he wore at his first concert at the sports hall in Rome), Giorgio Panariello (who retraced the hilarious aspects of his imitations of Zero) and the young Giacomo Flights (formerly The Voice) and Sonia Mosca (formerly All Together Now) for a medley to the tune of ‘Wake Up’ and ‘The Golden Network’. Accompanying them are the 50 elements of the Franciacorta Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Adriano Pennino, a superband of 7 musicians (Danilo Madonia on keyboards and piano, Lele Melotti on drums, Bicio Leo on guitars, Giorgio Cocilovo on guitars, Bruno Giordana on sax, Rosario Jermano on percussion, Lorenzo Poli on bass), an 8-voice choir and a corps de ballet of 23 elements choreographed by Kristian Cellini.

After a black and white start, this time Renato played with his unmistakable stage presence wearing colorful Maison Margiela clothes and accompanying some pieces of emotional images. A video announced as ‘La sartoria’ retraced Renato’s career through his fantastic stage clothes.

Renato was moved to tears on the notes of ‘The Best Years’, a song chosen to celebrate his birthday: Renato let him sing largely to his audience while balloons with the words of the years went up on the big screen behind him. from its inception to today.

The finale of the first of these Roman party concerts was entrusted to the iconic song ‘Il Cielo’, with the audience of over 15,000 sorcini in raptures and Renato in tears shouting the proverbial: “Don’t forget me, eh!”. It is repeated on 24, 25, 28 and 30 September, and on 1 October. For the six dates, approximately 100,000 tickets have been sold. “If I had done only one concert I would have sweated even less but I like it that way. This theatrical embrace”, he said before going on stage. However, the celebrations will not stop in Rome and will continue with a tour in 2003.

by Antonella Nesi