Zlatan Ibrahimovic turns 42 today, the self-gift

The player’s post and photo of the inside of a car

Zlatan Ibrahimovic turns 42 and wishes himself a happy birthday on social media by publishing a photo of a probable self-gift. It is a car and, judging by the logos on the seats immortalized in the shot, there is a Ferrari in the ‘package’. The former AC Milan player hung up his boots at the end of last season.

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In the interview: “I am God and I’m not joking”.

“When I say I am God, do you think I’m joking? I’m not joking,” said the former Juventus, Inter and Milan striker in a chat with Piers Morgan on the program ‘Piers Morgan Uncensored’, which will be broadcast next Thursday on British television program TalkTv. The 42-year-old Swede also revealed an anecdote with Pep Guardiola, his coach at Barcelona: “In the first meeting he told me: ‘Remember that the players here don’t arrive in Ferraris’. I brought my fucking Ferrari.”

“Being a bad guy in a James Bond film? I would crush Bond. But I’m very expensive, I’m not free,” Ibra continued. In the teaser of the broadcast he specifies: “Is scoring a goal better than sex? Sex is better, anyone who thinks differently has a problem with sex and needs to get help. Raiola? A great loss: he wasn’t just an agent, for me he was everything. Everyone misses him.”