Zoë Kravitz’s comments about Jaden Smith are really coming back to haunt her

As a quick summary, the comedian Chris Rock He appeared on stage at the event to present an award, but before doing so, Rock made sure to poke fun at some celebrities.

The star joked that the wife of Will, Jada Pinkett-Smithshould be in the next “GI Jane” movie because of his buzz cut.

Will did not take kindly to criticism of his wife, as she suffers from alopecia, which causes hair loss.

Will stormed onto the stage and slapped Rock across the face, then continued yelling at him from his seat. Yeah, it was a total “What the hell just happened?”.

Will has since apologized for his actions during the broadcast by posting a statement on his Instagram account.

“I would like to publicly apologize to you, Chris. I crossed the line and I was wrong,” he wrote.

But was Will’s apology too late? Kravitz she seemed to think so, as she shared a photo of herself at the Oscars with an intriguing caption.

“And here’s a picture of my dress at the after-awards party where we’re apparently yelling profanity and assaulting people on stage now,” she wrote in her post.

Kravitz is now facing a backlash of his own for the shadow, with fans who they report his past inappropriate behavior towards a member of the Smith family.

Zoe Kravitz made questionable comments about Jaden Smith

Fans weren’t happy when Zoë Kravitz shared her blunt take on Will Smith’s drama at the Oscars, but it turns out some of her earlier comments about her son are coming back to haunt her.

On 2013Kravitz, then 24, spoke with V Magazine about his movie “After Earth”, also starring Will’s son, Jaden Smith.

At the time of the film, Jaden was only 14 years old, and Kravitz told the outlet that he couldn’t believe he was so young. “I have to check myself out,” he told the outlet about hanging out with Jaden, according to hot new hip hop.

Kravtiz did not stop there. “He has so much personality and style, he’s so much cooler than me,” he said. “And he’s so handsome, I always said, when you’re older, you know, we’ll hang out… No, that’s inappropriate, you’re 14.”

Many fans are now accusing Kravitz of being a child predator due to her comments.

“Zoe Kravitz is a pedophile, she was flirting with Jaden Smith when she was 14 at the time people knew this but only revealed it now,” one person wrote in a scathing tweet.

As of this writing, “The Batman” star has not addressed the resurfaced interview.

Kravitz is currently dating the actor channing tatumand the pair have made plenty of headlines due to their romance, but time will only tell if she or Tatum comment.