Zoff: “Selling Juve would be a tragedy”

“The Agnelli represent an institution of the country”

The sale of Juventus by the Agnelli family would be tragic, because they represent an institution of the country. The world changes but the Agnellis remain the Agnellis, they were Juventus”. This was said by former Juventus goalkeeper Dino Zoff on Radio Anch’io Sport, commenting on the rumors published today by “Il Giornale” regarding the possible sale of the Turin club. “If this were to happen I would be disappointed: for me tradition is valid, it is not something to change because time changes. Selling Juventus too would be too much.”

National Chapter: “It all seems tragicomic to me, we drew against a decent team. The team moved well, that’s a goal we can take and now it’s all ‘we risk not going to the European Championship’. It’s all exaggerated “, says the ’82 world champion goalkeeper after Italy’s 1-1 draw in Macedonia. Coach Spalletti’s national team conceded an apparently avoidable goal: Donnarumma, on Bardhi’s free kick, did not appear flawless. “Donnarumma? He made us win the European Championships. We’re going to concede a goal on that shot against North Macedonia, this tragicomic scenario for a match scares me.”

“The point is that there are few young Italians, there are many other sports and the footballer category has moved to other areas, from Africa to South America up to Eastern Europe, here they are lacking. Today the first young man who does well he has three agents, it seems exaggerated to me. In Friuli, in my time, we had 10 or 12 in Serie A, then there were 30 years in which there wasn’t a Friulian in the whole of Serie A, even if now someone is returning This is statistics, Northern Italy has given less because there are fewer children, they no longer play in the streets”, adds Zoff.