Ztl Roma green band, Gualtieri: “Slide gates switched on”. News for LPG and Euro 3

The mayor of the capital: “An agreement has been found with the Region”. The ‘No Ztl’ petition on Change, meanwhile, exceeds 100 thousand signatures

On the ZTL green belt for Rome “today we reached an agreement with the Lazio Region on the amendments to the resolution”. This was announced by the mayor of the capital Roberto Gualtieri during the press point in Piazza Venezia for the construction of the metro station. “The switching on of the gates will be postponed by a few months waiting for the activation of the Move-in and the entry carnets” explains the mayor, also highlighting some ‘new rules’ compared to the initial framework.

“We have found an adequate point of balance. In essence there will be some innovations: LPG will be able to circulate contrary to the original proposal. There will be these two move-in and entry bonus mechanisms that will allow partial use of vehicles that already have limited circulation today, some limits have existed since 2014, others since 2018 but no measures have ever been taken to make them feasible. The Euro 4 diesels will continue to circulate for a year”, adds Gualtieri.

According to what we understand from the mobility department, there will also be an extension of one year for the Euro 3 petrol vehicles. “The previous limits remain – underlined Gualtieri – which will be tempered by the move-in and bonus mechanisms. This will require a little more time than expected for the activation of the gates, because we want this to become operational when the move -in will be in a condition to be used.”

Are we leaving in January 2024? “No, we don’t have a timeframe, it will take a few months. But some limitations already existed, they were on paper. With the necessary time, we will arrive at a more orderly situation, with effective limitations but with tools to protect those who use the car limited and those who are not in a position to support. The Region’s technicians have carried out monitoring with respect to the new data on air quality which are those that arrived in the spring. On the basis of those data it was possible to remodulate the measures. This will be We will see the path, the technical stages with them, but the substance is that we have had a green light thanks to the dialogue and institutional collaboration between us and the Region”, he adds.

Over 100 thousand signatories to the ‘No Ztl’ petition on Change

The measure of the Ztl green belt has created numerous protests among Roman citizens. The petition on Change to say “no to new gates” has been signed by over 100 thousand people to date. “We don’t have money to buy new cars, but we have to go to work” writes Marzia, one of the signatories, who is echoed by Amerigo who claims: “The city belongs to everyone, not just the rich“. Anna, then, a bit Roman-style, lets herself go “crazy”. Many requests for “more public transport” are among the reasons for signing the petition, “taking the bus in Rome is not very practical.. .”, Alessandra quips and Giocondo complains: “Where do I find the money to buy an electric car?“. “There are no second-class and second-class citizens” Carlo finally comments, explaining the reason for his signature on the Change petition.