Ztl Roma green belt, procession today in the capital: “We ask for freedom of movement”

“We ask for the measure to stop”

Procession today in Rome against the ZTL green band. The demonstration started from Piazza Vittorio to reach San Giovanni in the capital. “Roman citizens are asking for the ZTL to be stopped” said Andrea Bova, promoter of the demonstration against the ZTL green belt in Rome.
What Rocca did with Gualtieri yesterday was mild and does not satisfy us
. We want freedom to move.” “If I have a car that is Euro 4 or Euro 3 and I don’t have the money to buy a new one tomorrow who will give it to me? But above all, what is my freedom if you tell me I have to throw it away, I can’t park it, I can’t drive through. I repeat, it is a fight for free citizens. Let’s stop Ztl green band is a non-partisan and apolitical group, without any flag except our puppet. We don’t want to be compared to the ‘Santori’ of the day. Politics should represent the citizens, however, today politics no longer has this function and no longer speaks to the citizens. The ZTL problem is affecting all of Italy, it is a huge problem.”

Among the demonstrators they rise chants against the mayor of Rome Roberto Gualtieri. “But what environmentalism, but what ecology, Ztl we will sweep you away“, shout the demonstrators.

It is also in Piazza Vittorio The collection of signatures of the committee promoting the referendum against the green belt ZTL is underway. There petition on Change to say “no to new gates” and to the green zone ZTL it has been signed by over 100 thousand people to date.

The words of the Capitoline councilor Federico Rocca

“The measure that Mayor Gualtieri was preparing to launch, although revised and toned down compared to the first version after our protests and that of most Romans, risked having an enormous impact on the lives of many citizens given that the measure would have involved in the limitations over 400,000 motorists who would have been forced to change their cars or no longer be able to drive” declares Federico Rocca, Capitoline councilor of Fratelli d’Italia. “Aside from the change of heart that the mayor has had in recent hours after an intense discussion with the Lazio Region, deciding to turn on the cameras at the gates only when the move is active. in and the instrument of bonuses for entrances, the Meloni government will intervene with an ad hoc decree for the capital which truly aims to impact on air quality. The Gualtieri provision – he explains – would only have created inconvenience for thousands of citizens without solving the problem, since the data tell us that the main sources of pollution are others. Limitations of this kind in the total absence of a mobility alternative, given the disastrous state of Roman public transport, would have placed the full weight of the provision on the citizens. This is why we at Fratelli d’Italia at every institutional level from the Capitol to the government have taken action to make people understand the problem and the inadequacy of the Gualtieri council’s plan which, moreover, was once again aimed at discriminate against citizens based on their wallet, if you have the money you move, otherwise you make do. It is necessary to guarantee the coexistence of measures aimed at reducing polluting emissions and the right to free movement of all citizens”. “We await the government decree at the end of the month which will also provide a series of incentives to improve air quality and vehicles in circulation, moreover the data for Rome are clearly improving and this had already been confirmed to us by the technical offices, in fact, it would have been totally useless to limit circulation from March to November because in that period the established limits were never exceeded rather, from the rules – concludes Rocca – Let’s ask ourselves how it was possible to go beyond the limits during the lockdown when cars weren’t running. Evidently the sources of pollution are elsewhere”, he concludes.

The note from Forza Italia Lazio

“Thanks to the intervention of the Lazio Region, the entry into force of the new Green Belt in Rome desired by Gualtieri has been postponed by a year, which would have foreseen, starting from November, the activation of new ZTL gates and strong restrictions on the circulation of cars and motorbikes” declared Forza Italia’s Lazio regional councilors in a note. “A measure which is too penalizing towards the many Roman citizens who now do not have the possibility of purchasing a new car, and who therefore, as a result of this restrictive measure, would not have been able to move freely in the city. All this also considering that Rome today does not have a public transport service worthy of the name. These months of extension will be used to implement the air quality plan and thus avoid new measures to the detriment of citizens”.