Zucchero: “The Mic would also need someone like Morgan for music”

The singer-songwriter, in Reggio Emilia to present the concert which will inaugurate the new structure of the RCF Arena in Campovolo on 9 and 10 June: “There should be two consultants, one for classical music and one for other music” – “The government Meloni and the right in power? We’re in bad shape, but by now we’ve tried everything…”

“To the Mic a new music advisor? We need to see what is meant by music… Beatrice Venice she is an orchestra conductor, but it is not certain that for this reason alone she can give a good service to music. And if by music we mean only the classical one, the ‘cultured’ one, then we are ruined: we will always be behind, we will do like shrimp”. He replies like this Sugar – in Reggio Emilia for the presentation of his concert which on 9 and 10 June will inaugurate the new structure of the RCF Arena in Campovolo – answering the question from AdnKronos on the new appointment decided by the Minister of Culture, Gennaro Sangiulianoafter it was initially circulated for that ruple, on the proposal of the undersecretary of the Mic Vittorio Sgarbithe name of morgan.

“I would have put one like her for classical music and another for other music – he says Sugar – Morgan? The problem with her is that she’s a bit moody…but she’s brilliant! We need those who know and love and are also prepared for other music. It’s not good to put a lot of technique but little heart”, underlines the Emilian singer-songwriter. And it is explained with a few examples: “I have never found a virtuoso musician who knows how to reach the heart and vice versa: even Beatles they weren’t very good musicians and neither were the Rolling Stones or Bono and U2; while I have had extraordinary musicians from the point of view of musical technique, but who have never been able to compose something that worked, that reached the heart and the people”.

Remaining on politics and institutions, Zucchero replies: “The Meloni government and the right in power scare me? We’ve tried them all, let’s try this one too… even if I don’t know if and how long it will last. Of course they’ve already given a weird flag on raves… I thought ‘it’s not like they don’t do raves anymore Unity celebrations? -she says smiling-Then I thought: but yes, let’s go ahead, as long as they don’t break the c…” and always completes the sentence with a good-natured smile.

“Politically – continues Zucchero – you should have a politician you are 100% sure of, who is healthy, correct, devoted to his task: there I’ve always been a little wary… especially during the elections. I’ve always said no , even if I have my ideas that aren’t even that secret… Of course we’ve been in bad shape lately…”. As for him, “many think he’s gruff and angular and I am; I’m not so diplomatic, but my childish side saves me and holds me back, otherwise I’d be a revolutionary”.

Zucchero also replies on ‘Hello beautiful’: “Everyone does what they feel like doing, everyone can’t be satisfied, maybe I’m someone who divides rather than puts together. Must we all be good? I’ve seen pathetic redemptions… – confesses the Emilian singer-songwriter – I’ve never been too do-gooder or politically correct. I sang ‘Bella Ciao’ and would sing it again, without problems. My grandmother used to tell me about the partisans and ‘Diamond’ tells the end of the war, for me it is not a divisive piece. I composed ‘Reggiano partisan’ and there were those who wanted to tear down a house where two verses of the song were quoted, because they said it disturbed the drivers! But ‘Bella Ciao’ you have to know how to sing with the right spirit”.

To the San Remo Festival as guest of honor? But if they don’t want me anymore, not even in the competition…”, replies Zucchero then. “It will be the Festival of the Influencers… and I’m against influencers, so they leave me at home and don’t even think about calling me”.

Returning to the concert of Campovolo, “a really big responsibility!” exclaims Zucchero not hiding the ‘weight’ he feels. “I’m happy and honored that they thought of me, I’ve played very little Reggio Emilia, precisely in Campovolo at the end of the 1980s and three concerts at the Teatro Municipale, but it was an almost intimate story. For me, returning to Reggio is the concert of love for this land and for my origins”.

Confess Sugar: “Although my parents took me away from here as a child, I feel a visceral attachment to these places and I’m almost afraid to go back, even just for a day, because I always fear that it will have changed since I was a boy, just as it has everything. And then, I’m going there with lead feet because I want to remember and safeguard that image I had as a boy. It’s a romantic fact, but also a modus vivendi”.

Remember again Sugar: “Those were hard times, but also of great solidarity, people were very genuine, at least in the memories of my small town, with a sense of irony and sarcasm that makes me laugh and feel good. Just think of the bonhomie with which they exclaim ‘Che t venia un cancher…’, which elsewhere would sound like a curse. I even thought of naming the concert exactly like that… but they advised me that it’s better not”.

As for the possible ‘going up’ with him on stage, “when you throw a party, you want to share it with artists who are in tune with your music. I’ll work on it: for now, no names, I’d like to surprise the audience, also because beautiful things they always happen at the last moment”, Zucchero limits himself to anticipating.

“Everyone decides about his life and career as he wants – he underlines finally Sugar – I live on music, even when I’m not on tour, I wake up with musical ideas to develop; my being an artist is total, I can’t sit still for years, I have an open calendar, I can’t imagine myself at home or on vacation breaking my c… I don’t know how to ski, I don’t go horse riding, I hate the sea summer, I only go for walks in the park and among my animals…”.

(of the envoy Enzo Bonaiuto)