Zulemita Menem broke the silence about her relationship with Máximo Bolocco

Zulemita Menem he is a fairly reserved person and usually keeps a low profile in front of the media. However, days ago, she was on the floor of the program “Afternoon with girls” on Argentine television and talked about various topics. Among them how is her relationship with her younger brother.

The daughter of the former president before the consultation of the panelists about the sayings of her brother Maximum in a report, Zulemite She tried to be diplomatic and said: “On the subject of him, I have to respect his age. Máximo was my son’s age when I met him. He has been with Luca for six months. I understood him and his relationship with his mother.” He assured that it is a matter that he would prefer not to go into details about. “I love him very much. I hope life gives me the opportunity to meet him again. I watched him grow up alongside my kids…” she detailed.

Zulemita with her father, former President Menem. Source: Instagram @zulemamenem

It is worth remembering that earlier this year, Maximo Menem He made some very strong statements in a popular magazine in Chile and took the opportunity to describe how little bond he had with his father. Along these lines, Máximo Menem attributed that distance to his sister Zulemite and said that she always mediated in the contact between the two. Máximo defined her relationship with his father as complex.

Maximo Menem He said that while he was hospitalized in Santiago de Chile due to the tumor he had just overcome, the former president went to visit him. “I remember waking up and seeing him sitting there. I remember the image, but I didn’t dimension anything else”. He also referred to what he felt when he knew that Zulemite I had been to the clinic. “I felt angry to know that she had come from her, when she had always made my life impossible. Seeing her cry on television, that dazzled me.”

Máximo had very little relationship with his father Carlos. Source: Pinterest

His relationship with his father was distant. “I could never be alone with him. He didn’t talk much either, he was old. I don’t have many memories because I didn’t know him very well either. It is that he also had to go through Zulemiteto get to talk to him.” Maximum In that interview, he recalled the moment he saw Menem alive for the last time: “It was the only opportunity I could be alone with him.” “I remember holding his hand and talking to him nonstop for an hour. And I know that he was listening to me, because in certain parts the monitor was disturbed, ”she stated.